What happened to our countdown?? 5Months and we are still here.

Hello guys wassup?

I know you didn't miss me but I did miss you, So what's new? Now that we are adjusting to the new normal. I hope school resumes ASAP especially because most of us can't remember our portal password.

So I basically don't have a topic to talk about, I just need alot of you dropping comments about what you did or feel you should have done during the first stage of lockdown.

It started has a joke and then we figured out this shit is becoming real😂😂😂i can't forget how so many of us started doing countdown, DAY 1,DAY 2...... When we got to DAY 14 we have up counting.

Why some of us have been repeatedly wearing the same clothes for this whole five months😂😂the most important thing is we are all alive, I am happy to be able to drop this today and I am also happy you can read this, don't forget to check out my business page😃 @deolas_kloset on Instagram or reach me on my email dupsyadeola@gmail.com 😊 wouldn't want to drop my line here.  So this is just to check up on you my readers, hope you are good? So tell me in my comment session how the first stage of lockdown was for you😊😊 please do, don't just read.

I love you.!!

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