Lagos traffic can depress you

On this episode of freshink its me and you thing , first this phone dey annoy me,i am on my bed typing but deep down I no dey alright,should i just break the phone?😅😅lol, tah!!! Why will you say that?😅😅😅anyway lagos is where we find plenty hustlers,you can agree with me but one thing spoil us, Traffic!!!

This lagos traffic matter ehn for many years we Neva settle am😥😥😥that shit can be depressing. I remember going to iyanaipaja from ikotun,leaving home 6am but demn I didnt expect traffic,i got to iyanaipaja pack around 7:30am..ever been in traffic and the bus smells😥😥😥dont even try all those danfo
You will start thinking who to send account number to so you can buy a car😂😂😂,traffic on 3rd mainland bridge worse, the fear of water😂😂 , the bridge long ehn,you can't even get angry and say I will trek,Guy!! You will explain to yourself when you reach middle and you cant recognize your bus😥😥
Ever been in traffic on airport road,the person you saw off to the airport would have gotten to his destination ,it isnt an exageration, just ask anyone staying here, another place of traffic na ikorodu!! Chei I have been to porthacourt and traffic there doesnt last long, it moves in less than 30minutes unless in some locations, but lagos traffic will stress you, drain you, and depress you, it gets worse if you don't have extra money for bottle water.

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I love ya'll


Unknown said...

I think its only Lagos advice is.
... Dont ever eat food that will make you poo before going to those traffic areas in Lagos

FRESHINK��️ said...

That's why we have public toilet,😂😂😂you gats pay money to shit