Yo! What's up guys, famz, ladies, babes, whichever. I hope y'all didn't have a stressful week with work and all. Well, this episode is aimed at helping you relax your stressed muscles.
Have you ever thought of your high school days? Like how crazy those times were?😂😂 I attended one of the best secondary schools in Ikotun (were you thinking I would say Lagos?😫 I no wan fall my hand na🤣) and it was a mixture of fun and the 'not so fun' days.
So, about my days in school , there were weird and fun moments, painful and revengeful ones too. So, let's get started.... I promise to gist you about mine if someone shares theirs.


King said...

Memorable high school days, chai, I can never forget the day my mathematics teacher, Mr. Agboola, flogged almost everyone in class but didn't touch me, everyone was making noise, but he just let me be saying there's no way he'll touch and that I'm his friend. Who no like better thing🤣🤣🤣. I know other peoples comment will be how one teacher flogged their life to stupor😆😆😆

FRESHINK��️ said...

I actually have alot of memorable high school days,but let me just share one,there is this particular teacher we had then he was my mathematics teacher,he teaches very well,I understood but his ways of teaching is strict mehn,he gives us assignment and expects us to submit before 6:45am if you submit 7am he won't accept it,so eventually we all will go begging,kneeling and crying ni o.he will say** if you can't answer my question i will give you sick at your back* with time we got frustrated,some of us stopped going to beg him, if he doesn't accept we go just enter class wait for the punishment,then some girls called him *chukwudi* 😂😂😂 he had big yansh and he drinks water alot. Next session we no see the man again o,he don japa..he was evening oweing some of my classmates he lent money from. Other teachers found out somehow the nickname we gave him and they flogged our life that day ehn. So what's URS?