Another election weekend,am sure you didnt go out to vote,not like i did anyway.so i read a blogsite about the topic "mind your business"and i loved it because i dont mind my business either,just last week i was in a bus and this particular babe entered with her mom,she got to her busstop and forgot the box they dropped in the boot,initially her mom remembered and took it down.My point here is,its not her fault she forgot it tho but she shouldn't have,the women in the bus started yabbing youths of this days,that we are too pampered,say if she had carried it on her head she wouldn't have forgotten,me just dey vex inside bus say GIG dropped me somewhere else not my agreed destination so i cant remember the full gist😂😂😂😂una like gist o.
We have talents in this country and i have someone i am gonna interview,met him about 2years ago.
In Nigeria if you are not a fan of music i dont know how you have survived traffic,boredom,moodswings
He is a student of lagos state university,studies Engineering currently in his 400lvel,his passion for music started early,he does basically hip hop and rap music,i would also be dropping the link to his songs after this.So i did an interview with him and put this up.
He is a very ambitious and interesting young guy planning to show what talents he has in him and how best he has built himself to,his favourite artist(foreign)nicki minaj (the rap god)
Favorite artist home)Nasty C.
And its quiet good his role model is also home Nasty C.
He has great ambitions,i would just say a few,he is going to give you guys good music and make it serve has hope to you as it did to him.
See why i said music is life?
His recent album is titled *ON HER MIND* he has also got some dope shit coming.
Watch out for him.

Today was strictly not about jokes so I had to act serious😂 please na beg I dey beg always check me out,forget my unseriousness,so don't forget to subscribe and share.