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I find that ladies often find it difficult selecting outfits for different occasions which is why today I will be giving tips on how to select dresses that rise to the 'occasion'.

I was going through my phone and I saw this lady, I wasn't really concerned about her dressing but her makeup looked like what yorubas call 'sigidi'. It looked very weird and when my friend told her about it, she was like "Everyone likes it, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't". Now my point is that is it wrong to tell your fellow lady her makeup is too much? How do I say it in a polite way? I've gone off makeup for a while because it's stressful really, I can't come and kill myself. Okuuuur.

So let's go straight to the point. First, ladies what do you think makes you attractive on a first date? Just remember you can never go wrong on jeans! A very compulsory clothing to have. Thank you.

   1. ON A DATE
 When going on a date, wear something you can eat with, dance with, walk with (not something that you will eat your belly will show o). Dress comfortably, light makeup, a pencil jeans on a top and if you can walk comfortably with heels, go for it!
Note: If you can't wear heels, please just do sandals or flat.
You don't have to be too sexy on a first date! Just be yourself. Make sure you wear nice sun glasses. 
You can opt for skirt and a fancy top, the deal is– be comfortable.

Every lady should know you can't wear  'amaka disappoint me' to a beach na, so without much ado, I will break it down, all you need to wear or should wear to a beach.

  *Sun shades (not necessary)

*Mini gown
*Weavoned fancy bag.

 Thank God we have croptops in Nigeria, this is when to use them with shorts, it is not compulsory you wear make up, just go and have fun with the water. Don't let people mistake you for a mermaid when you enter the water and you are out looking like you just saw a mermaid( this is where people start thinking I am referring to them, 🤒🤒I wasn't referring to you but please no vex just continue). 

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So here is a picture of an outfit to a beach.
So, this gown looks kinda sexy, can go with any body shape. Just don't be too fat and wear gowns like this to beach, please!! Don't say I didn't tell you, edakun o.



Say it's a wonderful Friday evening and your boo invites you to a dinner😏, you can wear that long red dress you kept for so long😉. For dinner, colours like ash, black, red and wine will bring your man to his knees because they are not too flashy but are irresistibly sexy. In case you're single, this is where you look your best😆😆 because you can meet anybody at a dinner party. 
(My love for the black dress in the middle😍😍)

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Lastly, ladies please your work place is not a place to seduce your boss! Even if you're your own boss, don't dress too sexy to work please. Some workplaces have dress codes. Some, just dress corporate and that's cool!! Pant trousers have done us a lot of good these days, belt to help with it and a shirt, I bet you will look your best with them on. You don't have to put on a gown showing your boobs and figures to work! Babes sit up, dress beautiful and comfortable, don't dress to attract.

Just in case you also have a get-together to attend, here is a quick tip.

*Like I said earlier you can never go wrong with jeans😛, so go crazy. 

*Playsuits are available in big sizes too. 

*You can even go hot😋 flex your figure here, it's a get-together.

Simple and sexy😍

Okay, so for those of us that don't know what a playsuit looks like, some ajebo children like that, please in case it's you no vex just manage me, don't stop coming here.
Just something like this

IN CONCLUSION: This article was a rushed piece, I couldn't just ignore this week too. Please pardon me.

All I'm trying to tell you ladies is to look beautiful, catch big fish when you see the opportunity to abeg, don't be as bitter as you know who(to those who understand una well done o, my fellow fanship). Anyways, lovers of Big Brother Nigeria, I hope you ain't missing out on the reunion show😁. Gist plenty for there, follow the gist #Doublewahalareloaded on twitter

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King said...

What do i do as I'm not a lady now?

FRESHINK��️ said...

Help your girl friend

Unknown said...

Insightful. But wait o. Where does naming ceremony fall? 🤔

FRESHINK��️ said...

After you have had your baby😂😂😂 please this isn't for mother's.where what your husband wears on a naming ceremony na