Hey guys,did you miss me? well pride won't make some people say yes to that,I missed you,so now that we have a new president,sorry I meant to say,reelected president back on sit,what's the way forward?I don't just do politics,lost interest in it early.
  I have questions for you anyway,do you have any idea if you are an introvert or extrovert?abi you are an extroverted introvert?
(I was just saying ,but trust me you have to know)
Before I continue,it's kind of cold in here,you need your blankets so you won't catch a cold,don't say I didn't tell you and hit the subcribe button it will give you ginger.
Before I got interrupted by the person that opened my door jare,I wanted to ask,do you by any chance have friends that just typically annoy you and irritate you? because they talk too much?or because they are just too social?well I believe people can be too social.If you think otherwise
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Yeah,so those friends aren't actually annoying ,they are called *EXTROVERT* In case you don't know what EXTROVERT is, Talk-Active,Sociable(very),noisy and most especially they always want to be mentally sartisfied.
Extroverts always want to get things moving,they just always want to be lively,like they rather be happy than get worried and be moody.
I feel like I am being too serious with you guys,my main reason of this article una no let me talk security🤗AN INTROVERT' LIFE 
I for like play Nollywood but I ain't a fan,some basic things about an introvert which you may know I can't dispute that.
They are Deliberately Quiet
Easily controlled
Before I continue i want a contributory comments,I have some questions,just answer them within you and tell if you are introverted or extroverted.
1)Do you consider yourself more introvert or an extrovert?
2)Do you get noticed first or perphaps other people around you?
3)what do you do when you are been delayed to see someone?keep quiet or act?
Introverts are those that crack jokes but nobody laughs at them,and they don't have the esteem to speak anymore,they just take thier joke to be lame.
Introverts are Reliable in the sense that even when you ask for help and it ain't comfortable with them,they will be quiet and do it but deep down,they can't voice out.
They often don't ask for your help because they feel they don't want to bug you,sincerely this introverts sometimes have low self esteem when you shout at them in public,trying to correct them.
Introverts are lovers of music because they hate small unwanted talk😍they will rather be like this
(Okay,can I have my music back)

Than have a long discussion with you ..
If you no kan see any of these as you,I get another one,continue reading,subscribe and comments don't forget to share,you can't tell who you are won't regret reading this article,just calm your ass!!listen to music small abeg,your nerves needs it.
I am on Jon bellions album *$tupid deep* I know you feeling me,😂😂lets be fast so you can go.
So this one is called EXTROVERTED INTROVERT


They love  meeting new people and hearing thier life stories,hanging out with really close and trusted friends but they get mood swings and want to be alone at some point they prefer social media all day long.

Some certain people just use you to feel lively again and boom they are off,they know you always listen to them but all they do to you is discharge emotionally because you can't express yourself to just anyone.some just put smiles on your face lifting your spirit.

Some people actually feel more comfortable around introverts because  they are open and would always listen but be careful they can't and would never spill thier life story .
 As I don finish now I hope say you subcribe,I sat down on my bed, lights off,fan on low,just to make sure I don't sleep writing this,so tell me what you feel to.
Yo!see you next weekend.



Nice one sis

Adeblov said...


FRESHINK��️ said...

Thank you guys,I gat you.

King said...

I think I'm an introverted extrovert though, love to meet new people, try not to make FRIENDS with then because I'm scared i might need to dispose of them for their character that i may not like. About the question of what I'll do if i was delayed from seeing someone, just yesterday, Friday, i decided to buy sharwarma at a store,when i got there the generator wasn't running so they couldn't make use of the microwave, i think i waited for close to 40mins with was very tiring, i still had to walk to the bank again because their POS wasn't working, so annoying but i just kept my cool

FRESHINK��️ said...

Lol,guy it you could calm your nerves and not give up on the sharwama then you just might have the INTROVERT' qualites