Hey lovelies,
So am sure relationship talks isn't new to any of you,even if it is,you see movies,and watch films right?so you should have a picture of what I am about to paint.Gender wise ,we have a guy to a girl relationship,a gay relationship too.which is acceptable in some part of the world,even our country practice it.anyway I am talking about the common one we know,the strong feeling between two opposite sex.
When a guy likes a girl,he goes to her *hey babe ,I like you,can we work?*and the girl forms hard to get before she gives in.why? I will tell you why today..
1.Because a lady has a tender heart.
2.when a lady loves,she loves submissively,she gives her all,she loves selflessly.
3.she gives you the chance to prove how patient you can be with her
Fine ,many guys pass this and win the ladies heart,and boom the relationship starts,but the moment it becomes one month to the so called love life? Communication drops!from the guys side,he then expect her to be forever loyal.i give it to you that ladies are 75%loyal in every relationships..
This isn't a debate so,let me go straight to how a relationship should feel.
Point one:
*Define what love is* love yourself so you can be a better partner.
Know the sacrifices it takes to love,know the priority you should give your partner.Try to give each other a pet names,makes your relationship tasty trust me,and gaze at each other well.
Point two.
Very key in a relationship,it gives flavor to the relationship,breeds good fragrance between you two,distane shouldn't be an excuse for lack of communication that's why technology has made life easy.if the communication in your relationship is low then you are in an unhealthy relationship,you need to call your partner and talk it out.
Point three.
I won't buttress on too many,but" go on dates" have special memories with your partner ,don't allow your time be taken from you,spending quality time out alone is healthy to your heart's.
On no account should you forget important dates like your partner day,or your anniversary days,they are very important.A nother tip is learn from each other,let your partner teach you what they are good at and vice versa.i talked about communication earlier,lets take a one on one meeting or date for example,if your partner happens to be the shy type then you can try a phone conversation it helps.
   Be your partner cheerleader,always cheer them up,enlighten them,make them your number one fan.and most importantly do not forget jealousy it is key in every relationships,but you can handle it if you both make a nasty tradition of being each others crush forever.
    Laugh together often!!
    Show love to their family and friends,get close but not too close,dont interfere in family business.
  Never tell your partner *you are too busy*i t gives a wrong impression,always find a way to keep in touch,remember its not a one man relationship.
  Be free with your partner and to do this you have to respect yourself and love yourself first.Give absolute respect to your partner.
Don't forget to tell them *I like you* it gives your partner a romantic sense of humor.
Learn each other conflicts habit so when you have misunderstanding you can sort it out easily,you can also have a coded language.helps you both in public.

Buy gifts for your partner,to remind them how much you care About them share ideas with them.
If you have emotional issues do drop your comments,i can help you out in one way or the other not completely.
I will emphasize more on
My next article .
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Unknown said...

What do i do if i don't find love?

FRESHINK��️ said...

You will always find love,love finds you most times.point is keep your heart opened

George Kings said...

I'm no reader, but I'd love to read your work

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