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  There is this saying my best friend told me I actually don't know how true it is in all relationships but I guess it is applicable to some.
    *You either get less of what you deserve or you get more than you deserve*

 When I heard this I thought of some couples I know,not actually couple,but here in africa we play the role of couple life even before getting engaged. How can you not be engaged to him and you live with him? To me I feel it's crazy not many youth get it wrong out there,ladies especially, *if I don't live with him he wouldn't have my time or if I dont live with him he would cheat on me*
  This is not me criticizing them but you worth more than allowing a guy take a part of your life,some of this couple lifestyle both parents are not aware,and the lady feels comfortable,to every lady out there I don't think you have to live with your boyfriend to keep him.
  About sex before marriage,i think technology has done us good and bad.we see white people do it,probably that is why Africans has taken it has a norm too,ladies make the mistake of giving any guy,even if you are 85% sure ,if you havent met his family then you are not on the right route,if his friends don't know you as his priority,then you are not trading right.
  Like I said earlier about technology doing us good and bad,lets take the aspect of pornography,most of the sites are not protected,young ones are already exposed to it,talk about hollywood movies where teenagers have sex,africans too want this has a norm.we all know the good of technology.
 So am going to throw  more light on a story,this is someone I know,although she's late now.she actually loved the guy much so I guess that was why she wasn't so concerned of the future. They were both in school and lived the so called couple life style.The guy doesn't have a job another mistake she made,if he was on a per time job,that would have been better but he wasn't,he was just a student like every other guy,so she got pregnant for him,succesfully had the child but then she died afterwards,leaving the child to the girls aunty,the aunty who wasn't so capable of sponsoring the child,called the guy and told him to talk to his parents about the girlfriend.
  So initially the parents weren't aware,they were also an average living Nigerian.he told his parents about the lady and how she died leaving the baby behind,they didn't show interest in going after the child but the aunty insisted on giving them the child because she wanted to have her own life back.
  Now my point is,who gets to train the child,who made the mistake?who corrects it?I think relationship is overrated,and sex is something you will get to do and get tired when you get married.
   I'm not obliged to dictating an answer to you but note this there is a conscious decisions that you make today that defines you either negatively or positively.
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