Episode 1

I was already dozing when I asked Mayowa to stop her story. Mayowa and I met through our mothers. They were close friends.

  Mayowa became my close friend when she had to join my school. We were inside my room when my mom came to call me to prepare lunch, that my father was on his way back from Abuja. In my mind, I said, "That man travels alot".

  I got to the kitchen and the things I saw for cooking wowed me. It was like I wasn't the one cooking the food. I saw just beside the zinc, ingredients for vegetable soup: smoked fish, cow meat, crayfish and pumpkin leaves (ugu).

  That wasn't my problem, the problem I had was the goat head (isi-ewu). On the floor, I saw plantain too. I.e I was to make dinner too and straightaway, I went to mum.

  Mummy, please tell brother Isaac to help me cut the meat. I couldn't ask the question on my head which was, "who was to cook the soup?"

  Mum called on brother Isaac, "Isaac! Isaac! Lo ba aburo e ge eran yen and don't cut it into baby size o."

  Isaac looked at me and tongue out. Then he answered from behind, "Okay, Mom." For my brother's mind, he is a big boy o. Anyway, the guy helped me slice the meat into pieces.

  Mayowa wasn't the kitchen type. Although we have a lot in common but not the kitchen. I started cooking. Chopped the vegetables, washed the meat with hard sponge. Of course, I ate from the boiling meat. I forgot to tell you ewedu (pumpkin) was included but I didn't use broom, I  used blender to do that. Before I made the vegetable soup, Mayowa already joined me. I engaged her with talking so she could assist me. For lunch, I made Amala and ewedu soup with the goat meat in it. Sounds great, right?

  After about 30 minutes, my father; the managing director of Holix company who travels any minutes he receives a phone call.

  I set the dinning table for two - my father and his wife. Mayowa and I ate in the kitchen while Isaac went out before the food was ready. Mayowa reminded me of tutorials that evening but I told her I wasn't sure I would make it. I accompanied her to the bus-stop. By then, father and his wife were at the dinning table.

  As usual, Mayowa and I had a long gist about the recent Korean movie we saw last week. Mayowa, "Please, don't forget to bring my jacket to school. It's on your bed or you can bring it to my house on Sunday."
  I replied, "Babe, let's see what happens. Take care." Mayowa, "Yeah, Goodbye!" She patted me on the back has we hugged each other. Inside of me, I said, "Crazy girl!"

  The clouds was already forming and my house to the junction is a long walk. I had to hurry. As I was walking, I noticed this guy and what got me attracted to him, was his footwear. I love footwear so much. I can sell my best friend for it. Lol.
  I didn't look at his face really. I focused my attention on his footwear. The guy said, 'hi' and  passed by. I was even shocked of what he was thinking because I gazed my eyes so well on his footwear.
  Within few minutes, the rain started and I had to run but before I could take a step, I noticed the rain wasn't touching me anymore. I looked down and I saw that same footwear. I didn't want to look up!

  Yeah! Back home, I had slept off after I accompanied Mayowa. And all I wanted to do at that time was to watch my favourite television show. I hope Dunni isn't watching anything.

  Dunni, I will tell you about her later but she's my baby sister about 7 year old. I was passing the corridor when I saw someone on the ground. I screamed and went straight to my Dad's room.
  Before I could say what was wrong, I remembered the rain incident and noticed it was that guy that helped me. I shook my head off.
  Grace, "Why would you be thinking of that na?" (Hitting my head has I open their room door).
  And shouted for help. Father! Father! No, Daddy! Daddy! Mummy! Mummy...
To be continued.

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