Do you know what happened to the slayqueen?

It is normal for Nigerian to follow what the crowd has given them,when this lady's video went viral we all believed that she was used for rituals,most people even said she went out in search of more money,leaving school behind,few of my friends called are names while few said she could be innocent.So I have done some findings.

 I came across a post on Instagram and when Iread through it happens the AAUA student has been suffering from insanity disease and it comes when she is in the crowd,her friends and parents take care of her when this attack comes,we dont know where she was coming from when it happened but probably the people who helped her saw it was out of hand and left her.

   Right now they are trying to contact any of her friends or parents.Dont be quick to judge a case,rather share your side of view,yes ladies still needs to be careful,G guys don't know their girlfriends when it comes to making sharp not saying you shouldn't do runs girl neither am I in support of it,my point is know the kind of future you want to build with your children and start it now.
Please do you

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