Love not lust

It was valentines special last month February 14th and I came up with something ,the only inspiration to this I can't say.but love is a genuine thing.
Love is very important, to wrap it is God.

You know its amazing.
So amazing how a dove soars.
So high in the sky.
How beautiful it looked
From where I stood.

My heart is bleeding.
Bleeding from the words,
Those words you said.
My heart was dangling,
Dangling right in front.

I can't explain how it felt.
But it took my smile.
I put my whole heart to it.
I didn't get the best of it.
I felt he would change.

I felt it within me,
To give him a trial.
I felt I was strong
I felt I could hold on.
Hold on to everything.

The shouts, the agruments,
The punches,the fear.
The guilt within me.
My ears echoes too.

But I was desperate.
To wait,wait for that change.
Just along the line.
As I was soaring with other birds.

I noticed I had been punishing myself.
The tears that dropped.
Could fill a bucket.
The way my heart sank.
I felt I was missing what love was.

I cried in pain
Why do I have to care too much?
Why do I have to hold on too long?
Like a dream come through.
I smiled at the dove in the sky

Thank you for waiting for me.
Thank you for giving me a chance to love
To be in the midst of these Rose
I don't know how but I found you.

Well,this is an express of love divine.
In a Redefined way and guaranteed.
Tell me what is love? If it just comes and go.
The last couldn't stay because I didn't give it what it wanted.

The thought of your love
Is beyond a wonderful feeling.
Love is a bird.
But not just any bird

An inestimable one I found.
Deep within me
I think I am a jewel.

17th February 2018.

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