I Forgive YOU

This isn't master piece but try it.

My heart is bleeding.
Bleeding from the words,
The words you spoke.
My heart was dangling.
Dangling right in your front.

I saw myself in the midst
Of beautiful rose flowers.
Red and violet.
They were all pretty.

I thought to myself
Their master must be caring.
They must have gotten so much attention.
Attention that they needed enough love.

Even the air in the surrounding respected them.
That they greeted with oozing sound.
The sun also did their part,
By making them glowing.

By now you should know
The creator of this natural beauties.
You should know,you should!
He made all things beautiful for us all.
His name alone breathes beauty.

I became envious in the thier midst.
I wanted to be a rose flower.
And be in this Garden.

I forgive you.
Because of this beautiful lovelies.
I forgive you,
Because I love them the way I love you.

And I forgive you,
Because I could love this Rose flowers.
And I forgive you,
Because their master, our father.
Breathe love in me.


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