It's still your girl Dupsyfresh I have been
writing but not posting .you can send a DM if you need a writeup .thank you


Sometimes I feel warm.
Sometimes I feel lost.
Sometimes I feel am there.
Sometimes I feel it just began.

All the times I get moody,
All the times I drank,
All the times I lost myself.

Remember when we used to shop together.
Remember when I popped your pimple,
Remember the dimple on my face,
Please tell me you remember.

Remember when opportunity came knocking,
And we both opened the door
Remember how much congratulatory notes we got.
"Congrats you made it".

Remember my prom gown,
Remember the crown
Remember how beautiful it was on me,
Please remember our walks to the hall.

Even if you can't see me,
Feel my hands
And remember my touch
Feel my lips
And remember my kiss.

Remember how you held me not to let go
Please don't leg go this rope.
Tell coma,you want to come back.
Come back to the one you remember.

Dupsy fresh writes.

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