Don't Give Up

Take a Rest!
Don't take a Rest!
Don't stop!
Two different image.
Image of me.
My look alike.
One saying take a Rest!
The other saying move on.
And they both want me to obey.
The pains,the struggles.
The holes and my broken spirit.
The bad events.
Think my friend,think!
Hey you,think about,
The celebration after
The struggles,
Think about the long
Breathe of relief.
It wasn't easy
Climbing the mountain alone
Nobody to guide me.
I knew GOD existed
But I seemed lost.
I didn't know
If he knows me or
If I have ever met him
But something whispered
Don't give up
The other part of me left
The weak part of me left
Then I felt God
I was stronger
And I was already at the top of the mountain.


FRESHINK��️ said...

Written on the 20th of January 2018

olukayode said...