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2017 packed its bags some hours back (where I live
at least) now, 2018 is what we've got on our plates. So,
I decided to do something a bit different this time
around, get others opinions. I got a couple of people to
complete the question;
This initially was meant to be a round-up post but I
thought it could double as a New Year post. So, yeah,
here's what they had to say. Massive thanks to those
that thought to share their opinions.
@big.bold.beautiful.nne says, A year that made me
experience life through a new eye ...
@am_lammie says, A year full of life lessons.
@dupsyfresh says, A year that brought about a new me.
@mimii_chi says, A year that showed me the two sides
of life.
@mah_ree_yam says, 2017 was my most eventful and
an amazing year.
Mariam says, 2017 was a year I would never get to
see again.
@theophilus.smith_ says, revolutionary. Learnt to keep
the important things important, would say I became
better. Made some real good decisions too.
Demola says, Full of fun,adventure and work.
Queenhafsoh says, my year of experience.
@mykel_aj says, productive, mind blowing, inestimable
and full of experience (good and bad vibes)...
Nevertheless, I can say it was a year worth living.
@thobias.tobey says, an eyeopener. Eye Opener in the
sense that it made me discover lots of potentials I've
got in me.
Precious says, awesome.
Happy New Year guys!!! Hoping the year would
present its best. How was your 2017? What plans and
goals have you got for this year? I would love to hear
your comments.
Have a great '18,

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