Courtesy: The AddictS

You can't get bored with us. It's Dupsyfresh again
I am not so much of a good writer.
But I can get you out of a bad mood.

Why love me??
Why sh
I have no boobs or ass like they do.
I'm not as social as they are.
I'm not as smart as they are.
I'm not as rich as they are.
Why love me?
      - Pearl
I'm not as beautiful as those models.
I'm not a spoilt brat.
I'm not a flirty type.
I'm a lousy bitch.
I'm not even half of them.
      - officialDupsy
Why must you love me?
I am a weird being, ain't like the others.
I don't reason like they do.
Why should you love me?
I'm not as outspoken as they are.
I'm not as beautiful as they are.
I'm not a fan of Pizza and Icecream like they are.
I'm not a Snapchat addict like they are.
I'm a local and shy person different from the exposed and bold girls you know. Why choose me?
Why love me?
       - Pearl
I don't have pink lips.
My hands aint pretty.
I don't use expensive cream.
I don't have rich friends.
I don't know any celebrity like they do.
Why love me?
When I am nothing like that?
Why decieve me?
Why tell me you love me this much?
   -Official Dupsy
I don't spend hours in front of the mirror trying to shapen my brows.
I don't spend hours on google trying to check out my color combination.
I don't spend hours with clutching to an handkerchief just because I don't want to sweat.
Why love me?
      - Pearl
Why should you love me ?
I have body odour,
Ugly as hell,
Treat you like crap ,
I'll break your heart,
And use your trust to mop the floor ,
Why love me 
       - Mimi
Why shouldn't I love you?
My heart beats fast when am with you.
Your voices ignites the happiness in me.
Your smile makes me smile.
When ever am with you am hqppy.
Why shouldn't i love you?
Should I say why I love you?
I love you because I was made to love you.
Love found its bound.
I found my second half in you.
I had sleepless night.
Remember your silly look.
You look beautiful
Just the way you are.
- Official Dupsy
ould you love me?

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