Packing The Remaining Fragments

When Jesus fed the multitude,
He asked them to pack the fragments that were left over
He didn't want anything to waste
It shows the disposition of Jesus to little things
He knows little things can become much

He never despise little things
Perhaps your life is at the lowest ebb right now
You search around, you seems you cannot find an answer
Jesus is saying, pack up the fragments
With what is left in your life, we can still do something about.

Your life is still amendable
You might think you are the worst sinner around
I am glad to announce to you
that Jesus died for you
Pick up the pieces and move on

The fragments that remained
Is enough for the Lord Heaven is saying
You need not commit suicide
With what we have left
Your life can still be glorious

Gather the fragments
Capture the energy of the season
Sit down with the Lord
I am sure the Lord has something to tell you
Sit down with the word
It is time for real transformation

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